In this episode, I review the symptoms of living in survival mode. I discuss how living this way has effected my life and how I was able to overcome i...View Details

I am being pushed into 2021 and expected to stand on my own two feet. I know this because I met my 2021 guide and new spirit animal. This year is goin...View Details

This episode with the Wild Light Sisters gives you a different spin on Mercury Retrograde. Mary goes deep into the mythology of the planet Mercury, gi...View Details

The Wild Light Sisters discuss different ways to read your Akashic records.

The Wild Light Sisters discuss how the current energies have us popping in and out of past lives. We talk about how this brings up a physical connecti...View Details

Welcoming you into our wild lit up realm(s) in this corner of the multiverse! This first podcast introduces ourselves the best way we knew how.

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